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In April 1968, The New York Times —using Telfer as a major source—introduced the XYY genetic condition to the common public in a 3-portion series on consecutive days that started with a Sunday front-web page story about the planned use of the situation as a mitigating element in two murder trials in Paris 33 and Melbourne 34 —and falsely reported that Richard Speck was an XYY male and that the condition would be used in an appeal of his murder conviction.

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An incident in chromosome separation in the course of anaphase II (of meiosis II ) known as nondisjunction can outcome in sperm cells with an further copy of the Y-chromosome. If one particular of these atypical sperm cells contributes to the genetic makeup of a kid, the youngster will have an further Y-chromosome in every of the body's cells. Males with an extra Y chromosome are phenotypically regular and most never come to health-related attention.

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